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About Us

Homeowners, renters, contractors, property managers, real estate agents, apartment managers, and other businesses use our services every day with high praise and repeat bookings. We also assist individuals involved with foreclosure and estate cleanouts.

There are numerous reasons why someone might need our junk removal services. Senior citizens or empty nesters are downsizing. A renter that is moving to another location. Price Junk Removal Wichita can remove worn-out mattresses, old appliances, hot tubs, swing sets garage and attic cleanups. Hit the easy button and call us at (316) 448-5733  or go online to book your appointment.

Why use Price Junk Removal for your next junk removal?

Our owners and employees are passionate and dedicated to helping people in need in Wichita. That is our mission! We do that through quick and easy booking, affordable rates, fast and efficient decluttering, professional and respectful staff, and donations to local charitable organizations. If you have unwanted junk or clutter. Let us haul the clutter away and reduce your stress in one easy process. Call Price Junk Removal at (316) 448-5733 or go online to book your appointment today! You will be glad that you did. Imagine the possibilities!

Professional Junk Removal

Our friendly professionals will give you a call 20 to 30 minutes prior to our arrival for your two-hour appointment block of time.

Uniformed Gentlemen

For ease of identification and your protection, our friendly and polite team show up in uniforms. We do all of the heavy lifting.

Up Front Pricing

We offer you a FREE, no-obligation price quote on-site when we arrive during your appointment time. The fee is based on the amount of space you need in our truck.

Eco-Friendly Disposal

After we leave your home or business, we donate and recycle as many of your items that we can to help in the effort of saving our planet.

Get a Free Quote

The easiest way to hire the number 1 junk removal company in the Wichita Kansas Area is to schedule an appointment online. In fact, not only it is easy, but a Price Junk Removal representative will come out to your job site to do a free estimate.

Shed Tear Down and Removal

Sheds are great and provide needed storage space on any property but eventually the day comes when the shed starts to show its age. Wooden or metal, the shed deterioration means it’s time to tear the structure down and get rid of it. Wood rots after many years of exposure to the elements, such as rain and wind. Metal tends to rust after awhile. Our junk removal pros not only remove and haul away any size shed….they can tear them down also. In many cases that our junk removal crews have come across, long standing sheds or outbuildings become the least noticed part of a property and just waste away over time. Why don’t folks just give it up and get rid of the godforsaken eyesore? More likely than not, shed owners have no idea how to accomplish such a feat and so the poor forlorn building just sits and fades away in its own disrepair. Even if a property owner has the expertise to take the shed apart, they might not realize that our company offers rental dumpsters to customers. You load, we haul away.

Trash & Junk Hauling Services

Price Junk Removal Wichita can come to your business and pickup your company’s garbage. No job is too big or too small for our trash hauling service and Junk Removal experts. Because Price Junk Removal Wichita recycles most of the garbage we haul, your trash will be dealt with in a clean sustainable way. Price Junk Removal Wichita regularly works with local real estate companies, schools, property management companies, and government agencies as well as non-profit organizations in all their junk removal and garbage hauling needs..

Concrete Break-Up & Hauling

Nothing stops a construction project dead in its tracks like a ton of concrete. Whether it’s a few ugly slabs in the driveway or an old foundation that needs to be completely removed, the process is the same: concrete needs to be broken up, and hauled away.

Sometimes even the most capable and most well equipped contractors will have to call in for reinforcements when faced with the task of breaking up a large amount of concrete. That’s where we come in!

Storm Debris Cleanup

Price Junk Removal Wichita has the junk removal and cleaning knowledge to handle the job expediently and efficiently. Our trailers and dumpster rentals provide ample space to contain heavy materials and are strong enough to haul all manner of junk away. Strong gusts of wind and torrential rainfalls pack enough power to knock down fences and even walls. Water damage isn’t limited to just the property exterior. It can seep and find its way through cracked foundations and house tops where the roof has blown off. Our junk removal pros are experienced in cleaning up storm damage of the worst kind. They will remove and haul away soggy furniture and carpeting as well as flooring that has buckled from the surge of storm water. Our junk removal teams will even take away water damaged cabinets.

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